Arka properties group broker incentives

ARKA Properties Group has always considered its relationship with brokers around the country to be one of its most essential and valued assets.

ARKA approaches the broker-owner relationship not as a contractual arrangement but as a partnership. It believes the numerous long-term relationships it has developed, over many decades in the real estate business, are the company’s lifeblood. Therefore, ARKA works hard to protect its brokers’ interests and rewards their loyalty.

ARKA prides itself on responsiveness and efficiency — and because it is a family business, potential deals not only get a direct look by a principal but also a fast answer as to suitability.

At ARKA, there is a focus on working quickly to complete transactions. 

Brokers can anticipate rapid turn-around times on review, correspondence, and compensation, and can be confident that the ARKA family stands behind its commitments. As founder Arthur Kaplan taught each and every one of his family: “Our word is our bond.”

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